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In a today’s society which increasingly values people’s appearance over and above any other qualities, hair loss can be a traumatic and mentally stressful experience to deal with. It can affect men and to lesser extent women and is more widespread than people think. (hair is not “Hair“, of course

There is no shortage of hair regrowth products that re vying for your business but before you run out and buy everything available online and in your pharmacy, it’s firstly best to inform yourself on which types of hair regrowth treatments work in what types of situations. It’s of significant importance to identify the cause of your hair loss problem because by knowing that you can choose the most effective hair regrowth product for you. This will be more effective than simply trying random products and treatments until you find the right one.

Hair regrowth products can be:

* Prescription medication treatments are one of the types of hair regrowth products. They are very effective, with one of their main drawbacks being the potential of some nasty side effects on top of the fact that you must visit a doctor to obtain a prescription for them. Products that work on the basis of DHT blocking seem to be the most effective ones although they can have the most undesirable and far-reaching side-effects in the form of reduced sex drive and lethargy and in some instances even more severe hair loss upon discontinuation of their use. Because of these factors, it is not an easy decision to start with this type of treatment especially since there are natural alternatives out there that are much easier on your body and require no more than the modification of your lifestyle, hair washing techniques and habits and usage of herbal supplements.

* Purpose-specific shampoos, hair washes, foams and ointments are another types of hair regrowth product available. These work on the principle of directly treating and rejuvenating your hair at the follicle level. These products couple their chemical active ingredients with a scalp massage to stimulate positive blood-flow and improve their effectiveness. Careful attention to the application advice needs to be taken since the introduction of any chemicals to your hair regrowth treatment can contribute to the problem rather than remedying it.

* Then there’s the surgical route – via various transplant and laser treatments but these are awfully expensive and not necessarily accessible to everyone, everywhere.

* Natural products have shown good results in many cases and it’s usually those that contain nettle root or saw palmetto extracts are the most effective ones. Some of the most popular natural treatments involve the increase in Vitamin B intake which has the effect of providing required nutrition to the hair follicles and the scalp.

Naturally, your safest option is to go for the least expensive and most accessible best shampoo for hair regrowth products which you will be able to use immediately, and by following their instructions to a letter, you should start to see some good results. Like with everything, due to variations in causes of hair loss, treatments that work for you will differ from the ones that worked for your friend.

Some natural ways of alleviating hair loss problems include:

* Arjuvedic hair oil use

* Use of herbal shampoos and conditioners

* Use of dietary supplements to balance your diet and eat healthy foods

* Removal of any split ends regularly

If the least invasive, natural hair regrowth treatment is the option your feel is for you, there is a very effective natural method that combines natural hair regrowth products and techniques to help you regrow hair and is very affordable, which can be accessed through the below link.